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  • Hycosan Plus Eye Drops
  • Dryness and a gritty sensation are all too familiar to lens wearers, so any assistance is always welcome. Far and few solutions to dry eyes are as effective as Hycosan Plus Eye Drops. These are gently moisturising drops which specialise in relieving the symptoms of dry eyes.

    •• Hycosan Plus Eye Drops soothe grittiness and irritation caused by dry eyes, a common eye complaint. They do so by replicating the soothing action of natural tears.

    •• These eye drops come in bottles containing 225 drops each. This should last around 60 days with normal usage. The recommended dose of Hycosan drops is 3 per day in each eye.

    •• Remains active for 6 months following opening as long as they are stored in a cool dry place. 

    •• Designed to be used with all forms of contact lenses.

    Hycosan Plus Eye Drops are one of the finest products on the market for rejuvenating tired, dry eyes. Anyone who works in warm, air conditioned spaces will appreciate their effectiveness.

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Hycosan Plus Eye Drops

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