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  • Hycosan Eye Drops
    • Eye drops are an easy to use and effective way to treat the symptoms of dry eye conditions, and Hycosan Eye Drops are one of the most widely used varieties on the market. High quality advanced eye drops can instantly make a huge difference to comfort, particularly in workplace situations where hot conditions can rapidly bring on dry eye symptoms.

      •• Targeted at mild to moderate dry eye sufferers, the Hycosan Eye Drops are a gentle but effective formulation which boosts the eye's natural moisturisation mechanisms.

      • Hycosan Eye Drops contain no preservatives, ensuring that they will not cause unpleasant irritation.

      • Produced by Scope Healthcare, these eye drops use the firm's sophisticated Comod deliver system. This ensures that doses remain sterile for the usage period and are delivered in equally sized, easy to use form.

      •• The recommended dose is three eye drops in each eye per day.

      • Uses Sodium Hyaluronate as the active ingredient.

      These wonderfully gentle yet superbly effective Hycosan Eye Drops will serve anyone who suffers from moderately dry eyes well. Just apply them towards the end of the work day for a vital comfort boost.

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Hycosan Eye Drops

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