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  • Blink Intensive Tear Eye Drops
  • Dry eyes can plague contact wearers. After hours of wear, lenses can become gritty, and can irritate the eyes, making computer use difficult and complicating the end of the working day. But there are solutions, like the Blink Contacts Bottle. Blink Contacts Bottle contains eye drops which go to work in dealing with dry eyes, restoring comfortable vision in seconds.

    • Blink works by  the action of the eye's natural moisturiser. Using a preservative-free recipe, Blink Contacts Bottle provides instant moisture to the eyes. This restores the all-important tear film, which retains moisture around the eye.

    •• Using Blink is a popular route to improved comfort for lens wearers across the world. The eye drops ensure total convenience in work situations.

    •• These drops are intended to be used by a wide variety of lens wearers, including those who need rigid gas permeable lenses and soft lenses.

    •• Comes in a handy, easy to transport 10ml bottle.

    Whether you need excellent vision to focus on spreadsheets or textbooks, dry eyes can make life really difficult. The naturally formulated, gently soothing eye drops provided by the Blink Contacts Bottle will provide immediate relief for dry eyes whatever the situation.

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Blink Intensive Tear Eye Drops

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