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  • Blink Contact Eye Drop Vials
  • There will be no need to put up with the irritation that contact lenses can cause. The Blink Contacts vials contain a special moisturising solution which replicates the soothing function of human tears. Stored in handy vials, which can be kept on hand for when they are needed.

  • •• Comes in 20 handy sized, enough to rehydrate tired, dry eyes just when it is necessary.

    • Blink Contacts Vials contain a specially created solution which mimics the tears that normally hydrate our eyes.

    • These vials are absolutely ideal for both soft lens wearers and those who need rigid gas permeable lenses to ensure perfect vision.

    •• The preservative free formula avoids substances which are known to cause irritation and provides a superbly soothing moisturizing solution.

    Dry eyes can be horrible in work situations. With dry, warm conditions, dryness can always be around the corner. But with Blink Contacts Vials, you can have a convenient solution to hand whenever hydration becomes a necessity.

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Blink Contact Eye Drop Vials

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