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  • Boston Cleaner & Conditioning Solution Multipack
  • Ideal for rigid Gas Permeable and hard contact lenses. Boston Advance Multipack is a multipurpose contact lens cleaning and conditioning solution. Manufactured by Bausch and Lomb, one of the leading and most widely trusted makers of contact lenses and lens care products, this two-step formula ensures that you enjoy a cleaner, safer, healthier and more comfortable lens wearing experience. 

    Designed to clean, disinfect, rinse and soak your contact lenses, Boston Advance Multipack is extremely good at removing dirt and germs that could affect your vision and cause discomfort.  

    Boston Advance Multipack is designed for use with gas permeable contact lenses, and is NOT suitable for use with soft contact lenses. It's special formula makes the solution tinted, so you can easily identified if it hasn't been rinsed away. But remember it should be thoroughly rinsed away from the contact lenses. Otherwise, the solution might cause irritation in your eyes. 

  • Please only purchase this solution if you have used it in the past and are aware of the advantages and disadvantages associated with it. 

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Boston Cleaner & Conditioning Solution Multipack

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