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  • Easy Sept HYDRO+ 1 Month
  • EasySept Hydro+, is the all-in-one solution for the storage and disinfection of soft and silicon hydrogel contact lenses. 

  • Containing a 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution, EasySept Hydro+ is designed to be gentle on your eyes while offering the very highest levels of disinfection. 

  • Its added moisture ingredients will ensure your lenses stay comfortable throughout the day and free from any bacteria that might be harmful to your eyes. In fact, after soaking in EasySept Hydro+ for just four hours, your lenses will be completely free from microorganisms and protein deposits, ready to wear straight from the holder.
    EasySept Hydro+ works with all types of soft contact lenses, including weekly, two-weekly and monthlies as well as those manufactured from silicone hydrogel. Simply add the included catalytic disc to your lens holder to convert the powerful peroxide solution into a preservative saline.

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Easy Sept HYDRO+ 1 Month

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