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  • ReNu Multipurpose Flight Pack
  • ReNu Multi-Purpose Solution is designed to store, clean, rinse and disinfect soft contact lenses. Manufactured by Bausch and Lomb, one of the world's largest suppliers of soft contact lens and lens care products, this all-in-one contact lens solution is as gentle as your naturally tears.

    Proven to effectively to clean your soft contact lenses, ReNu Multi-Purpose Solution is extremely good in removing the harmful debris, protein deposits and other impurities after everyday use.

  • Besides removing germs, this solution takes gentle care of both your lenses and eyes, offering a healthy and comfortable lens wearing experience. In fact, the efficacy of ReNu Multi-Purpose Solution ensures that even those who have sensitive eyes don't feel like they are wearing contact lenses.

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ReNu Multipurpose Flight Pack

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