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  • Ocuvite Lutein
    • Bausch and Lomb are constantly working to find ways to preserve their customer's eye health. One of the best ways is to supplement vital ocular nutrients which maintain vision. Lutein is a protein which occurs naturally in the body and maintains the macula (a part of the eye which can degenerate with age, drastically limiting vision).

    • Ocuvite Lutein supplies one of the most important ocular nutrients (Lutein) without the need to fuss about your intake of green vegetables. This can be particularly convenient for those who work long hours, or who regularly travel. Regularly taking Lutein can prevent or slow the development of macular degeneration, one of the world's most common eye disorders.

    • •The Ocuvite Lutein pill also contains essential vitamins, A, C and E as well as Copper and Zinc - all beneficial for the eyes.

    • Nutrition is important. However, we don't always eat what we should. With this in mind, products like Ocuvite Lutein are a convenient, easy way to top up what might be missing. Just take a pill a day and you will receive your recommended daily intake.

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Ocuvite Lutein

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