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The Eye Bar is more than just a chocolate bar. Not only does it offer you all the nutrients required for health eyes, it also gives a boost to you a boost to your daily vitamins required. The best thing is that now you can have chocolate without feeling the guilt.  

Eye bar contains a Copper, Zinc, Lutein, Vitamins C and E as well as Zeaxanthin. Lectin and Zeaxanthin are two types of carotenoids widely found in vegetables. They all contain a special pigment which is know to block harmful blue light causing age related issues. All substances that have been proven to assist in keeping your eyes fresh and healthy. Each box contains 30 individually wrapped bars which contain the recommended daily dosage of all of these essential nutrients. 

Offering an alternative to supplements or pills, the Eye Bar company have created a great way to give you all the nutrients your body and eyes need to help a person with a busy lifestyle. 

Each box contains 30 bars. Which if not over indulged on will last you a month. 

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Eye Bar

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