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  • MacuShield (30)

Looking after the health of your eyes is very important and with modern hectic lifestyles we often struggle to maintain a balanced diet with exercise in our day-to-day routine, that’s where products like MacuShield come in.

Designed by MacuVision, MacuShield was developed to combat busy lifestyles by providing all the important nutrients the eye’s macular needs to stay healthy in one easy to take daily food supplement. Each capsule of MacuShield contains lutein, zexanthin and mesozeaxanthin. 

MacuShield is a powerful antioxidant which helps protect against free radicals and blue light damage to the eye, MacuSheild has been tested and proven clinically effective and is supported by eye care professionals all around the world.

Each box of MacuShield contains 30 capsules, lasting for around 1 month if taken daily.

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MacuShield (30)

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