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  • Eye Volve Eyelid Wipes
Have you been using Supranettes? Unfortunately now they've been discontinued. 

EyeVolve Eyelid Wipes are a excellent alternative eye hygiene. EyeVolve wipes are soft, mild eye cleaning cloths that are used to keep your eyelids and eyelashes free from debris. Suitable for both children and adults, these disposable eye cleaning wipes are made of lint-free viscose material.

EyeVolve wipes are soaked in Aloe Vera and wrapped individually in sterile packs to offer a highly smooth cleaning experience. Unlike those cotton wool pads, which usually leave bits of cotton strands and fuzz on your eyelids and lashes, these hygienic eye-care wipes will never leave a trace behind. Hence, you can even use the pads on the delicate eyes of babies to clean those crusty formations that result from crying and blocking tear ducts. Also, EyeVolve Eyelid Wipes boasts a natural ingredient of Aloe Vera. Few plants extracts know for its anti-inflammatory uses. 

Each pack of EyeVolve Eyelid Wipes contains 20 large sterile wipes.

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Eye Volve Eyelid Wipes

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